Milwaukee CLT is a membership organization. You must live in the City of Milwaukee to be a member. Membership dues are $1 per year. To vote in the annual elections that occur each February, you must have paid your dues by December 31 of the previous year. If you are already a member but your dues lapsed, our bylaws allow some exceptions to the December 31 deadline.

As a member, you have the rights explained on this page. But you also have responsibilities: in order for elections to happen, we must meet quorum. A quorum is the minimum number of members who must be present to take a vote. Quorum is a percentage of the total number of dues paying members. Not every member has to show up, but if we do not have enough people to meet quorum, we cannot hold a vote. More members means a larger quorum. You can donate without becoming a member on this page.

We know that some people will miss membership votes due to work or family responsibilities, and that is OK. Not everyone has to show up to meet quorum, so if you want to be a member, please join! By joining, you agree that you will try your best to make it to the once per year meeting for annual elections.

Your membership is for the calendar year. All memberships expire on January 1 and must be renewed for the new year.

If you can’t make the elections in person, you can send someone to vote for you. An absentee vote does not count towards quorum. Here is an example note:

My name: Byron Kilbourn

My signature: Byron Kilbourn

Today’s date: February 27, 1854

I give George Walker permission to cast my vote at the Milwaukee CLT meeting.

Pay your dues online

You can pay your $1 annual membership dues in person to Lamont, Chris, or the secretary.

How to pay your dues online:

  • Step 1: Make a donation of at least $1
  • Step 2: Complete this form if you have never been a member before. Complete this form if you have been a member in the past, even if your membership lapsed. If you are not sure, use the second form.
  • We will match your membership form to the donation you made.