As the MCLT strives to create and maintain affordable homes and commercial property, we know we can’t do it alone. A variety of partners will be needed to ensure that the MCLT can serve low income homeowners and emerging businesses. For example, we look forward to working with:

  • Neighborhood Organizations – to connect with residents, recruit homeowners, deliver housing maintenance, programs, educate about CLTs and financial literacy
  • Educators and Counselors – to provide home ownership and financial literacy support for home owners
  • City of Milwaukee – to access available property, capital and services for residents
  • Developers – to create opportunities for acquiring, building and selling affordable homes and commercial real estate
  • Real Estate Agents: to help market MCLT properties and represent the MCLT in real estate transactions
  • Public, Private and Nonprofit Financial Institutions and Foundations- to help fund the purchase of property and MCLT programs and operations

To learn more about partnering with the MCLT, please email us at