Affordable housing for everyone, forever.

Community land trusts share many similarities with other home ownership programs. However, community land trusts ensure that housing is set aside for the public benefit, forever.

How Do Community Land Trusts Work?

Step 1

The CLT partners with a low income family to share the cost of purchasing a home.

Step 2

If they need to move, they can only sell the home back to the CLT, and only for an affordable price.

Step 3

The CLT sells the home to another low income family in need of housing, for an affordable price.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations in Milwaukee to use the community land trust model to support permanently affordable housing, community control over real estate, and development without displacement.


Milwaukee CLT is a membership organization. If you live in the City of Milwaukee, membership dues are $1 per year. 


Milwaukee CLT is hiring an Executive Director! Applications due August 23!